Flunky Dog Burger

We have the recipe on how to make a flunky dog burger but first let us tell you this is one of the tastiest meals and nutritional meals you can cook for your family. It has succulent melted dripped cheese topping with hot pepper sauce.

The burger comes from north canada and is deep in the countries roots as the first one recorded dates back all the way to around 1903, yes well over a century ago so this has lasted past your Great Granny Smith and maybe your Grandma Doris.

The kitchen equipment you will need is forks, flipper, patty presser, oven. Or if you prefer this delicious burger can also be barbequed to get even more taste from it.

Ok without further ado lets tell you how to whip up this classic meal


Step 1: You will need to preheat the oven to 220c

Step 2: Take the Flunky Dog Burger out of its packet and compress the meat to make it more compact.

Step 3. Now put the burgers in the oven and wait for 15 minutes while turning halfway through.

Step 4. After 15 minutes have passed take out the oven and put lettuce on and horseradish to keep the traditional Canadian flavour


Make sure you pass this recipe to your friends as this is the perfect burger for any occasion and they will surely love you for it after and keep this flunky dog burger going for centuries more.