List Of What to Do in Alhambra Granada Spain You Shouldn’t Miss

what to do in alhambra granada spain

Feel a special sensation of your holiday by visiting Granada, Spain. Then, don’t forget to spend one night to stay at Alhambra. Many travelers say that this is a beautiful town. You will see a palace and castle from the Muslim control in Andalucia. Before you are amazed by Alhambra, we tell you that this place is big – in literally big. So, if you don’t have the list of what to do in Alhambra Granada Spain, you will spend your time unworthy.

Actually, besides Alhambra, there is another historical site in Granada. But, exploring Alhambra first is a must thing to do. This place attracts many visitors around the world. In other words, you must have a good preparation before arrived in Alhambra. For example, make sure that you hold the ticket already because you might be disappointed when it is sold out. Then, prepare yourself for what to do in Alhambra Granada Spain below:

what to do in alhambra granada spain

1. Visit Nasrid Palaces

The Nasrid Palaces were used for the Moorish kings of Granada. It was the official residence that has various components. Entering this place is very strict. Thus, you must hold a ticket to be inside. While you are in line for the ticket, you can enjoy the scenery of the Albayzin. We recommend you to be there at least half an hour before your ticket is printed.

2. Walk Around the Alcazaba

This site is the oldest place in Alhambra. It was used for the military because you can see the city over from Alcazaba. Many people believe that Alcazaba already existed before the Moors arrived. Walk until you reach the top of Torre de la Vela, the ancient of the watchtower. Then, you will find an amazing view, such as the Sierra Nevada mountains.

3. Take Selfie in Generalife

It is a beautiful spot for a selfie. If you visit in the spring or summer, you will see the flower in bloom. They are colorful among the pools and fountains. Feel the inner peace while you are walking this green space.

4. See the Palace of Carlos V

Find the unique and full of philosophy architecture in Alhambra by visiting the Palace of Carlos V. The reason why it seems unique because it has Renaissance architecture among the Moorish building. The design shows you the union of heaven and earth. Surprisingly, it is free to enter the building. There are two famous museums inside. First is placed on the ground floor, named “Alhambra Museum”. Then, the other is in the second floor, named ” Fine Arts Museum”.

5. Taste the Andalusian Dishes

There are lots of restaurants near Alhambra. Make a special time to take a culinary trip. You can choose any restaurant and taste the local food, such as oxtail stew, habas con jamon, and many more. Talking about the price, there is also ranges of the price. It depends on the menu you choose and the restaurant.

Visiting Alhambra is like being in a piece of heaven. You will see stories, beautiful scenery, a calming environment, and another dreaming holiday things. Hopefully, the list above about what to do in Alhambra Granada Spain could help you to make your preparation perfect.