How To Train Child for Potty: 5 Things Every Parent Should Do

How To Train Child for Potty

Toilet training is challenging but it is a must too. Every parent needs to teach their children this skill. It not only important for their development but also for your environment hygiene. Indeed, you probably get stress in the first place. Try to follow our tips about how to train child for potty below. It might open up your mind and ease the situation.

Some parents start doing this when their children age 18 or 24 months. But it is okay to wait until your little is ready because sometimes it takes until 3 years old. Because they are old enough to be cooperative and directed. Be patient and believe that your children are able to pass the process. Here are things you can do about how to train child for potty:

How To Train Child for Potty

1. Make an Urgency of Pee or Poop Using Potty

Your children don’t understand why so important using the potty for pee and poop. Because they use to pee and poop on their diaper. They might think okay if doing that while playing, sleeping, or eating. Now make them understand that peeing and pooping with potty are important. For example, they will get dirty, they can feel itchy or anything. Also, it show that potty keeps everything is clean. By giving this explanation, they can understand the urgency.

2. Use Special Words As the Connection

Sometimes children have special words to express their feeling. This could be one way of how to train child for potty. Ask them to tell you whenever they want to pee or poop. It takes time to train them. But as the time they grow up, they will understand when the right time is to tell you. Don’t be mad when they are late letting you know. Remember, they are still learning this.

3. Train to Pull Down the Diapers or Underpants

The next step in toilet training is teaching them how to pull down the diaper or pants. It is important too because it makes them independent. Another goal of toilet training is letting your children become independent. After you ensure your children about how important the potty is, they must be able to go to the toilet by themselves. Perhaps they get difficult for the first time. But they will use it whenever feeling like to pee or poop.

4. Make Them Comfortable on the Potty

You must choose the right equipment. The potty should not only cute or looks interesting. But the potty must comfort to use too. It will be nothing if your children cannot use it properly. Thus, you need to introduce this thing first. Explain the function and how to use it. You might need to accompany them for the first time. Make sure that they use the potty right.

5. Get Rid Off the Diapers, Start Using Pants

By the end of this process, your children will not use diapers anymore. So, start using pants is okay to teach now. Tell them that they are allowed using diapers only at night. It is as the start, but slowly you train them sleeping without wearing a diaper. Be consistent and patient because this could make the house messy.

Let your children motivated and eager to through the whole process. Don’t punish them once they forget to do what they have to do. How to train child for potty is about teaching them being grown-up people. Knowing they are still an early age, they probably need time until success.