Autism vs Down Syndrome, Are The Really the Same?

Autism vs Down Syndrome

Unfortunately, many people consider autism and down syndrome is the same thing. However, they absolutely different. Though they are the same a lifelong developmental condition, yet they are different. Autism vs down syndrome below is a description of how different they are:

Autism vs Down Syndrome

1. Definition

The first thing that differs autism vs down syndrome is by their definitions. Autism is a condition where children have developmental delays. So, autism is not a hereditary illness. Since it is not an illness, drugs are not the medication but a long term therapy. Basically, autistic children have almost the same IQ, even higher, than normal children. They just find difficulties to communicate with others.

Down syndrome is a disease because of the abnormal chromosomes upon birth. Therefore, children with down syndrome can directly be identified by physical appearance. This is also determining as a genetic disorder and causes mental disorders too. People’s mentality with down syndrome is equal to children at 8 or 9 years old.

2. Types of Autism

Autism has three types of spectrum. First, Autistic disorder or common as classic autism. Children with this kind of autism are very difficult to communicate. Moreover, they cannot understand things from others’ perspectives and consider living in their own world.

Second, Asperger Syndrome. Unlike autistic disorder, autistic children with this spectrum are still possible to communicate and have no linguistic delay. Commonly, they appear as children with no empathy even though they have.

Lastly, a PDD NOS. Usually, this syndrome becomes the last diagnosis. It is when they appear to show a sign of having imaginary friends.

3. Types of Down Syndrome

Meanwhile, down syndrome have two types. First, mosaic down syndrome. Normally, people born with the same number of chromosomes and its cell. But, in certain people, it does not happen and appears to have an excess number of chromosomes.

Second is Robertsonian Translocation (ROB). This is the most common down syndrome. People normally have 46 normal chromosomes, while people with ROB have 47. So, this is an additional material that causing down syndrome. Over 95 percent of down syndrome, is ROB.

4. Causes

Regarding autism, up to now, there is no specific cause of this condition. But, some specialist determines it because of certain brain abnormality. However, is connected with some issues like drugs, brain development, pesticide, and rare genetic order.

Meanwhile, down syndrome is causing by an extra chromosome. This abnormality also causing brain issues and physical feature problems. Unlike autism, down syndrome has no connection with the external environment. Sometimes, pregnancy at age of more than 40 is also considered as one of the causes.

5. Symptoms

Common symptoms for autism are eyes are difficult to focus on one spot, mumbling, and repeat a certain move or phrase. Also, autistic children find abnormalities in sleeping and eating. Meanwhile, down syndrome symptoms are slant upward eyes, short neck, the bigger size of the head, flat back head, and abnormal ear shape.

Autism vs down syndrome often become a debate. Common people consider it as the same. However, we must not ignore people with autism or down syndrome. Besides, with the right treatment, people with autism often show a very genius mind.